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19th July 2013
Susi Morgan in this edition of The Negotiator -



4th July 2013
Morgan & Associates are proud to present our certificate for the Most Sold Properties from January to June 2013.





3rd July 2013
Did you see our advert in The Sunday Times last week? Look out for it again this Sunday 7th July 2013 or a sneak preview below...




3rd July 2013

Article and images from the Rightmove Blog. Written by Ana Aguilar –


'The good news is the property market has started its recovery but if you want to get the best price for your property then the way you present your home is key.


Kerb Appeal
If a buyer won't like the exterior of your home, you'll never get them inside so keep the sidewalks cleared, paint faded windows, trim the bushes and make sure viewers can clearly read your house number.


Front door
It is the first thing a potential buyer will see when coming to visit your property, it must be eye-catching without being too loud in order to give the right impression.

It can often help the buyer to make a decision therefore keeping your garden tidy is a must; make sure you cut the grass and weed pathways and beds. Walking up a weed infested path is a clear sign of a place that is not cared for.

Being the heart of the home it is one of the most important rooms in the house since we spend many hours cooking and eating in it. Be sure it is clutter free with no dirty dishes, cleaned floors, work tops and sinks that sparkle and do remember to empty the bin before every viewing.


Making simple improvements to the kitchen, i.e. changing kitchen cupboard handles,  worktops and adding a lick of paint to tired surrounds are all easy enough to make and will improve your home appeal to potential buyers.

The buyer might not have the same taste as you and might not like the garish wallpaper in your living room or the orange walls in the kitchen; these colours scream the house belongs to you and could cost you a sale. Paint the walls in a neutral colour in order to get the buyer interested in your house.


Tidy up
There is nothing worse than an untidy house, no doubt it will put the potential buyer off making an offer. Clean your home from top to bottom, i.e.  Wash windows inside and out, rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior, clean out cobwebs, polish chrome faucets and mirrors, vacuum daily, dust furniture and light fixtures, bleach dingy grout, hang up fresh towels, clean and air out any musty smelling areas.

It is also a great opportunity to get rid of any unwanted items such as old knickknacks, old clothes and anything else you may have accumulated over the years. This way you will be ready for when you sell your current home and move into your new property. Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers can't see past personal artefacts, and you don't want them to be distracted.


Remember your job is to help do all you can to sell your house, so you can buy your new dream home.'

3rd May 2013

A few photographs of the gripping auction which took place last weekend for those who could not attend!

Statham was on the door for security -





24th April 2013



23rd April 2013

Happy 'St Georges Day' - from Morgan & Associates.



12th April 2013

Have you seen our advert in this weeks Country Life?



27th February 2013 



8th January 2013



5th December 2012

Information from 'The Guild of Property Professionals'....

Why Trust and Confidence Matters

The words ‘Trust’ and ‘Confidence’ are being banded around liberally this week, as the BBC holds its management’s feet to the flames, and some MPs continue to amaze with improper expense claims and trips to the Australian outback. A headline from a leading London paper this week proclaimed “Scandals have made the UK a dangerously low-trust society”.

This really matters, as successful societies need a strong element of cooperation (just imagine for a second if everything you did involving others needed a written contract). Research suggests that confidence in the BBC has fallen from 81% to 44%, senior police officers from 72% to 49%, and for up-market newspapers from 65% to just 38%. This trend has been tracked for over 20 years, including similar data for the USA.

Estate agents are commonly held up as a profession of concern for the public, who associate moving home with high levels of stress, often struggle to understand how to choose between different agents on the high street; and at a more fundamental level, may be unsure exactly what an agent does for its commission.

Over 90 per cent of private residential transactions use estate agents, so the general public clearly accept that they provide a useful service - but that does not necessarily make them popular (although more so than journalists, bankers and politicians according to the latest Which? Survey).

The answer can be a long one, but put succinctly: ‘they provide expert professional advice and guidance, normally on a ‘no sale no fee basis’, including investing hundreds of pounds of their own money in marketing your property’. No one else can provide this level assistance for comparable fees.

Research also shows us that trust and confidence is the number one criteria for choosing an estate agent (not fee, or website, or location, or portal strategy). This factor on its own accounts for over 50% of all decisions made - or put another way, is more important than all other influences combined.

In addition, the best agents are highly trained and ‘embedded’ in their communities. For example, all Members of The Guild of Property Professionals sign up to a strict Code of Conduct, are enrolled in the Ombudsman scheme (which offers an independent redress system for the public in the case of any disputes or complaints), carry professional indemnity insurance, and provide all their staff regular training in relevant legal matters, the fundamentals of excellent service. They are also local ambassadors for the Estate Agency Foundation, a charity dedicated to alleviating homelessness in the UK.

So, like most things in life, and most professions, you need to get behind the headlines (and the hype), take time to really understand what is on offer, and how this matches your requirements and expectations; make the right choice at the start and the journey will be less stressful and more financially rewarding.

21st November 2012





9th November 2012

Good news in the article from -

Housing market returns to growth as Transactions climb by 24% in October

'Housing market returns to growth as Transactions climb by 24% in October

Friday, November 09, 2012

Published by WARREN LEWIS

House prices see first monthly increase since May. Richard Sexton, director of e.surv comments:

“There were welcome signs of life in October’s housing market as house prices rose on a monthly basis for the first time since May and transactions jumped up to their second highest level in over two years. Following the post-Olympic slump in September, the housing market has been playing catch-up, benefitting from the pent up sales activity of those who delayed moving decisions in early summer.'


2nd November 2012

 The Little Milton office welcomed 'Statham' today to greet our visitors this Friday at Morgan & Associates.




 24th October 2012


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